Attic Pest Repeller Noise

Ultrasonic repellent device claims that they have the capacity to release sound waves that will bring discomfort to the pests. Nonetheless, simply plugging in the device may not end your entire pest infestation problem. Understanding this device is essential before investing your money into one. In this article, we will discuss about the mechanism of the ultrasonic devices and if they can deliver the best result.

A Quick Overview of the Ultrasonic Repellent Device
During 2001, the manufacturers of the ultrasonic repellent device have received a warning from the Federal Trade Commission. The agency stated that their claims should be supported by studies and researches. With their intervention, the claims of various companies that used to sound preposterous are now more acceptable. The official website of the manufacturers has also linked to the result and the research methods that prove the efficacy of their devices. Nonetheless, once you analyzed the result of the study, you will realize that the result highly varies. It still requires further analysis to create strong and concrete evidence.

How Do They Work?
Ultrasonic repellent devices are using high frequency sounds that are not audible by the human ear. This device is being used to control the pests in our house. The deterrent device will be plug in an electrical outlet and it will start emitting sounds that can disrupt the sense of hearing of the pests. According to them, the creature can experience audiogenic seizure that may lead to cerebral hemorrhage. Before it even reach that period, the pests will decide to flee the scene and avoid the excruciating sound. Due to the convenience it provides, most homeowners have been tempted to invest on this gadget. This eliminates the need to hire pest control agency and it is also available in various forms.

Do they Work?
There is just no use on investing on a device that doesn’t work. Based on the past studies that analyze the efficacy of the ultrasonic devices, the results are mixed and indefinable. On a study that was conducted at the Kansas State University, they realized that the device can be effective in repelling a few types of insects such as cricket. Unfortunately, it does not have a tiny effect on cockroaches, spiders, and ants. In addition, those animals that have been affected by the high frequency noise have become accustomed to the noise that it produces. They also do not produce the same result in the real-life situation.

There are also individuals who reported some safety concerns. They claimed that it has the capacity to affect the conversation happening on the telephone, the alarm system, and may weaken the hearing aid. Those who have pet hamsters and rabbits asserted that their pets are showing signs of distress when the device is in operation.

Instead of investing your money on a device that has not been proven to work and does not target the root cause of your problem, seek the help of the professionals that will bring an end to your pest problems.

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