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We are Los Angeles Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Los Angeles, Ca. The specialty of our family-run wildlife removal and control company is professional-grade repairs to buildings and homes as a way to prevent wildlife from every entering the structures again. In addition to the animal removal and professional-grade repairs to prevent entry, we will repair any damage that the critters caused to your attic or home. This can range from things such as torn ducts to electrical wire repair. While we are on your property, we will gladly clean and sanitize your attic to prevent odors and disease. This process can even include replacement of the insulation. Our team will remove any animal that destroys your property or lawn, with the latter group include digging animals like moles. Via our various wildlife control services, we protect your family from the diseases and risks associated with wildlife. You can count on us to offer quick service. In most cases, we are able to schedule an appointment for the same day or the very next one, minimizing the time that you have to spend worrying about the wildlife and the problems they cause. Feel free to call us any time of the day or night to make an appointment for service. We will also offer you advice over the phone for temporary or permanent solutions. Call us now at 310-594-8687 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

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Los Angeles Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: What Is a Natural Deterrent for Pigeons or Other Birds?

What Is a Natural Deterrent for Pigeons or Other Birds?
Human and pigeons have coexisted for an extended amount of time. Once you think about pigeon, you will immediately imagine a gentleman sitting comfortably on the bench and tossing the crumbs of bread to the pigeons that are patiently waiting. They are adorable and it is quite entertaining to feed them. However, their presence can also lead to numerous discomforts. Pigeons mostly prefer to dwell on landscapes and open spaces. They can damage our crops and dealing with them can be troublesome. This is why most homeowners will quickly think about ways to drive them away if they are roosting on their property.

Keep the Pigeons off Your Property Using Natural Deterrent
Bird droppings are acidic and can greatly affect the condition of metallic objects and machinery. Pigeons are known carriers of infectious ailments which is a valid reason to remove them from our property. Fortunately, there are effective and humane methods to successfully get rid of these birds. Here are some of them

Making Our Property Less-Appealing
One good way to discourage the pigeons from invading our property is by transforming our property in an uncomfortable space for birds. This can be easily achieved by introducing spike strips on the location where they land. If they have a nesting area, installing waterproof-string will discourage them from staying on your property. These will serve as your barriers that will bring peace and tranquility to your home. In addition, pigeons and birds hate slippery areas, having a slope covering will annoy them. You should also avoid feeding the pigeons.

Sealing the Openings
You need to seal all the possible entrances in your property. Most of the time, the birds love to invade our attic and chimney since there is a minimum amount of human activities in those areas. Use a steel mesh to cover all the holes and entry points. Your ACU should not be ignored. The warmth it released makes it a comfortable place for them to roost and nest.

Home Remedies
If you look into your kitchen, there is a possibility that you have an ingredient that will keep the birds at bay. For instance, honey has the viscosity that the pigeons hate. Spread it generously on their roosting ground that will help you get rid of them. Pepper powder and chili solution can also be an effective method to drive them away. Their spicy nature can help you avoid the health hazards and destructions related with birds and pigeons.

Pigeons can create a great deal of mess on your property. Some people may think that their behavior is not destructive but it can be serious. They are source of fungal diseases and they can affect your health. The disease they can spread can even be lethal to humans. Once you notice signs of pigeon’s activity, you need to immediately get rid of them to prevent any problems. Eliminate the items that can attract them and call the wildlife control services if the situation seems beyond your control.