The Natural Predators of Squirrels

There are various kinds of squirrels such as the flying, ground, and the grey squirrels. When in the wild, the squirrels will live on the treetop and on the hollows of the tree. When in the residential communities, most squirrels are considered nuisance since they will often choose to invade our houses. They will occupy diverse type of habitats that may expose them to a range of predators.

The Animals that Eat the Squirrels
Squirrels have a large selection of predators. In the air, they will be attacked by the birds of prey and there are also animals with incredible hunting skills on the ground. There are even predators that are adept climbers that will not keep them safe on top of the tree.

Owls and Hawks
The ground squirrel will choose to inhabit the agricultural lands, prairies, and fields in the greater part of Minnesota and the Mid-western areas. This makes them vulnerable against the attack of the large birds such as owls or hawks. The hawks will plummet on the ground, swopping on the squirrels that are busy eating the nut on the grounds. Some of the types of birds that will eat the ground squirrels include Coppers Hawk and Red Tail. The Barred and the Great Horned Owl is another predator that they need to be wary about.

Weasels, Raccoons, Snakes, Coyotes
Aside from the squirrels, the coyotes will also love the taste of the groundhog. They will attack these creatures while they are collecting their food. The weasel and the raccoon are both scavengers and predators that will feed on a plethora of smaller animals. They will attack the squirrel contingent upon the place where they are found. With regards to the snakes, the rattle snake is the no.1 enemy of the squirrel especially in the northern area of California.

Eagles, Bobcats, and Foxes
The grey squirrel will hunt for their foods on the ground. The Sciurus Carolinensis which is mostly found in the eastern section of the US will be exposed to predators such as the gray fox and the red fox. This type of squirrel will reside in the forest. Those who are dwelling in the northern section of California will be preyed upon by the eagles.

Dogs and Cats
For the urban dwellers, our cats and dogs will be guarding our house against their invasion. Although they are not necessarily categorized as predators, they are still hunters and will chase the squirrels under specific conditions. You should also not completely rely on them when it comes to deterring the infestation of the squirrels.

Apart from the creatures that often hunt them, the squirrels will also be vulnerable to some parasites that will turn out to be fatal. The bite of the mite can lead to mange and the squirrel will continue scratching the affected area until such time that it becomes hairless. As a result of this, the squirrel won’t be able to defend themselves against the threat of the extreme weather and other predators.

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